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Ross Releases Policies to Make Boston Nightlife Safer and More Vibrant

Sep. 21, 2013

Mike Ross today released a list of innovative ideas to make Boston’s nightlife safer and more vibrant. The ideas range from late night public transit, opening more bars and restaurants in the neighborhoods instead of downtown, to bringing back happy hour.

Sometimes it feels like we're in the movie Footloose. It’s time for Boston to move past outdated and puritanical policies. We’ve seen that a vibrant arts and nightlife scene is critical to attracting and retaining a talented workforce. It also means more jobs and growth throughout our city,” said Ross.

  • Encourage new businesses, including restaurants, to open in all of our neighborhoods and make it easier for those restaurants to be owned by people from the community.

  • Create a new class of “empowerment licenses” for bars and restaurants. These would be liquor licenses dedicated to underserved neighborhoods that couldn’t be sold to other parts of our city.

  • Broadly reform permitting to make it easier to open small businesses, including restaurants and venues.

  • Reform or repeal licensing rules that make it harder to for hip-hop and rap groups to book shows in Boston.

  • Bring back late-night public transit and reform taxi oversight to make it easier and safer to get a licensed cab.

  • Create a late-night window where, for an extra fee, cabs from surrounding cities can come into Boston to pick up fares.

  • Create a class of late-night bar and venue licenses and dedicate the revenue to the MBTA.

  • Work with our state lawmakers to restore the ability for bars and restaurants to offer happy hour.

  • Liberalize the one-day liquor license policy to make it easier for art galleries to serve beer and wine at openings.

Mike Ross is running for mayor to use innovative ideas to create jobs, improve our schools, and modernize government. Some of those ideas include increasing pre-K education, building the best technical/vocational school in the state, and building more police substations, starting in the neighborhoods that need them most.

Mike has represented District 8 on the Boston City Council since his election in 1999. The district includes Back Bay, Beacon Hill, West End, Fenway, Kenmore Square, Audubon Circle, and Mike’s neighborhood of Mission Hill. His commitment to innovative leadership has strengthened the diverse communities he serves—and the entire city—over the past decade.

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