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Why I'm Running

I’m running for mayor to use innovative ideas to create jobs, improve our schools, and modernize government. That’s what I’ve done in my 14 years on the city council -- including two as city council President. I believe that in order to build a better Boston and to make sure all of our residents have a shot at opportunity, we must embrace bold, new ideas.

That’s Boston’s history. We were the first city in America to establish a public high school, library and public park. We were the first subway and police department in our country. Our region is credited for inventing the safety razor, the telephone, and Facebook. I want to continue that tradition. Our Government needs to be as innovative as the people it serves.

My plan -- Boston Smarter -- is full of innovative ideas that will create jobs, improve our schools, and modernize government. Some of those ideas include.

  • Dramatically improve vocational education, which is currently offered at only one school. Kids who won't be going on to college still need to get the job skills they need to succeed.
  • Expand pre-K and early childhood education in communities with struggling schools, with the long-term goal of guaranteeing universal pre-school for every child in Boston
  • Conduct a top-to-bottom efficiency review of all city agencies to help identify and eliminate wasteful spending.
  • Create more police substations and satellite offices, especially in high- crime neighborhoods.
  • Bring back our neighborhoods by making sure that every one has anchors like a local bank, a supermarket, a school, a health center, a job center, restaurants and business start-ups.
  • Instead of engaging with a race to the bottom with Cambridge and Somerville by offering tax breaks to lure businesses across the Charles River, work with them to bring businesses to the region.

Boston Smarter isn’t just a list of policies. It’s a belief that if we come together, we can do even more. It’s a belief that we’re more than just a group of neighborhoods, we’re a city that anchors the entire region. I don’t think that I have all the answers, but I believe that all of us have all the answers.

My Plans:


Public Safety

Creating Jobs




Arts and Creative Economy

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